Water Bottle


Water and Sanitation


The IRUSA community distributed more than 300,000 bottles of clean, drinkable water (equivalent to about 40,000 gallons) to the residents of Flint, MI. This is to help combat the toxic water crisis that has hindered the area. A water bottle recycling effort to preserve the environment was a part of the overall effort as well. Nearly 600 volunteer opportunities were filled by IRUSA staff and volunteers over the course of the six week distribution. More than 22,000 people benefited from the effort.

IRUSA has also implemented an extended project that employs 20 local Flint residents to lead, manage and maintain water distribution throughout the city for six months beyond the initial emergency work. This is in collaboration with Michigan Works! as well as Goodwill Industries. This local team delivered nearly 135,000 gallons of clean water to residents in Flint’s public housing complexes as well as several Section 8/low-income housing complexes over the course of several weekends.

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