About the Emergency


Millions of people across East Africa are still suffering from the effects of the worst drought in 60 years. With malnutrition a chronic problem in the region, more than 13 million people were hit hard by the drought, with Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia among the countries impacted the most severely. Without water, crops failed, livestock died and food prices skyrocketed. Throughout the second half of 2011, famine spread through southern Somalia, taking its highest toll on children. Rains in 2012 began to alleviate the drought, but food remains in short supply. Flooding added to the suffering of displaced families, and illnesses spread rapidly through the weakened population.

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How Islamic Relief Is Helping

The Islamic Relief family is collectively responding through the Islamic Relief offices in East Africa, which have been delivering assistance for this particular effort since July 2011. So far, Islamic Relief has helped provide

  • Food and supplemental nutrition
  • Water and water treatment items
  • Medicine and health care services
  • Emergency seed packs
  • Nutrition and health care for livestock (including protein supplementation and vaccination)
  • Fixed water wells
  • Latrines
  • Hygiene kits
  • Cooking and other household items

InterAction has created an integrated map of relief efforts throughout East Africa that cites Islamic Relief’s efforts there.

Click the image to see the map.

Islamic Relief has been working in Kenya since 1993, Somalia since 1998, and Ethiopia since 2000 to help the people there who have lived under dire conditions for decades.

Visit our Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia pages to learn about specific efforts in each of these countries.
Through your support, Islamic Relief has helped hundreds of thousands of people throughout the region.

Reports, Briefings, Campaigns and More

Islamic Relief USA published these reports and hosted these briefings to inform the community of the situation, and to help garner support for humanitarian efforts:

From the Field

These video and these photos come to you straight from the field.

How You Can Help

Here’s a sample of how your donations can help get vital resources to people in the region:

  • About $1 vaccinates and treats one livestock animal in Ethiopia
  • About $500 provides three months’ worth of food packs and water for a family of eight in Somalia
  • About $19,430 funds the rehabilitation of one deep-water well in Kenya

These are just some of the services we’re able to provide with your donations. There are many more.