A massive earthquake, estimated at 7.5 magnitude, struck Afghanistan on the morning of Monday, Oct. 26, 2015. The effects were felt across Central and South Asia, but were heaviest in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Some 360 peopled died, and another 2,100 were injured.

According to that report, the earthquake was some 132 miles deep, and its epicenter fell in the remote Hindu Kush mountain range, which is about 158 miles northeast of Kabul. Destruction is all around the affected areas, and the earthquake has triggered landslides which are endangering even more people in the region. More than 20,000 homes were damaged or destroyed, according to Islamic Relief staff in the region.

Islamic Relief donors around the world provided urgent aid to survivors in the months after the earthquake hit, and also as people worked to rebuild in the cold weather. The help extended into winterization efforts for those affected..