Job Title: DRT Regional Coordinator
Status: Full-time
Location: Buena Park, CA
Division: Programs

Position Summary:

This position coordinates the disaster preparedness, response and recovery work of Islamic Relief USA in the region, and participates as a member of the national Disaster Response Team. The coordinator is responsible for developing and maintaining relations within the community and he/she ensures IRUSA and its qualified volunteers are engaged in the full disaster response cycle.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

• Serves as the IRUSA representative to designated regional disaster coordination mechanisms, such as state VOADs, and shares regular written reports on their activities with headquarters.
• Monitors disasters and emergencies within the region and shares timely and informative written reports with headquarters, including the current and projected status of the event and partner and VOAD engagement.
• Prepares formal Situation Reports for disasters and emergencies when IRUSA is engaged or when IRUSA action is recommended, including the proposed IRUSA disaster level and recommended engagement.
• Prepares periodic reports on preparedness activities, preparedness assessments, volunteer training and mobilization, and regional activities.
• Trains and mobilizes volunteers and community leaders to engage with IRUSA in disaster preparedness, response and recovery; demonstrates responsiveness to their needs and expectations.
• Maintains excellent communication and coordination with government entities, peer organizations and others engaged in the field of emergency services, operations and community preparedness.
• Coordinates closely with the other members of the IRUSA Disaster Response Team.
• Develops and proposes strategies for engaging IRUSA constituencies in preparedness activities, in coordination with the IRUSA Community Outreach office and DRT headquarters.
• Provides training to mosques and other community groups on disaster preparedness; supports their development of formal preparedness and response plans.
• Recruits, trains and develops volunteers so that they have the capacity to respond to disasters and emergencies.
• Oversees the work and performance of volunteers working with the Disaster Response Team, both within the region and in other locations where deployed.
• Coordinates closely with the IRUSA Volunteer Management office.
• Performs needs assessments to inform decision-making about IRUSA involvement.
• Executes a comprehensive regional response when required.
• In most circumstances, serves as the primary operational leader in the region for disasters and emergencies of all scales.
• Joins response and recovery operations in other regions as leader or team member as requested.
• Provides monitoring and evaluation of DRT programs and initiatives in the region.
• Fulfill IRUSA administrative requirements, including submission of reports, forms, and other records.
• Performs other duties as required.

Qualifications and Competencies:

• Bachelor’s degree.
• 3-5 years’ experience working in disaster management, international development or related discipline.
• Experienced in managing diverse teams in the field.
• Must possess effective interpersonal and oral communications skills.
• Effective written communications skills should include significant exposure to generating reports and narratives.
• Must exhibit analytical and strong problem solving skills.
• Ability to self-manage multiple priorities.
• Proven ability to exhibit cultural competence and sensitivity in working with a wide array of ethnicities, and history of maintaining relationships with these same communities.
• Technical proficiency in Microsoft Office and use of databases.
• Ability to travel minimum 30% of the time and be deployed for up to 3 months in the event of a disaster.
• Must be eligible to work in the United States.