Give generously to important humanitarian work and you may qualify for a tax-break!

Make sure to consult with your accountant for specific details. And hurry to give before 2016 ends!

General Donation

Provide support to IRUSA’s development initiatives—internationally or in the United States—where they are most-needed. You may also intend for your contribution to be classified as sadaqa.

Orphan Donation

IRUSA donors support more than 16,000 orphans around the world each year. *Due to a high volume in interest, please be patient as we process requests. If you have any inquiries, please call 1-855-447-1001.

Emergency Donation

IRUSA has provided emergency relief efforts in the U.S. and in dozens of countries around the world. Your donations show people who are in their most desperate times of need that you care.

Islamic Giving Donation

Fulfill your zakah, fidya, kaffara or other religious giving. The opportunity to donate in these special ways is open year-round. You can choose to contribute to a global fund or to the country of your choice.

US General Donation

Provide vital care to our neighbors in need and support long-term and emergency relief within the United States.

Please be patient as your donations go through, as it may take a few minutes for your transaction to process. If you have any questions or need assistance, please connect with us at 1-855-447-1001. And remember, your donation to Islamic Relief USA may qualify you for a tax-break—make sure to consult with your accountant for specific details.