Arzina lives in Kantessor Vateswor, a very poor village along the Lalmonirhat to Burimari Highway in Bangladesh. She lost her father when she was 8 years old, and her mother is sick. Her brother supports the family through daily labor. They’re very poor but take education seriously. Arzina is in 10th grade, and she’s known to all as a good student.

Arzina’s family is participating in Islamic Relief’s orphan family support program in Bangladesh. This promising new program provides financial assistance, while helping the widowed mothers start businesses and supporting education for the children. The goal is financial security and self-sufficiency for these families of orphans and widows.

Arzina is not only benefiting from the education component of the project, but now she is helping other children go to school. Chosen to be a Child Club leader, she identified three other community children for enrolment in school. They are Jahid, Munni, and Iva—all 6 years of age. She talked with their parents about enrolling the children, and finally, their parents agreed. Arzina now takes Jahid, Munni, and Iva to school every day and keeps an eye out for them in school. Munni is now a child club member too.

Arzina is proud she has convinced the parents to send their children to school. She said: “This is my great success. If I didn’t take the initiative, the children would have lost their chance to go to school this year. I will do this again next year insha’Allah.”