Aiding Refugees Pushed to the Margins of the Middle East

Widespread Refugee Crisis                  

Looking broadly at the refugee crisis that’s rocking the Middle East can be terrifying. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when so many parts of the region are submerged in widespread conflict, but here at Islamic Relief USA, we’re answering the call to help those in need.
For years, everyday innocent families across the Middle East have, by no fault of their own, struggled to escape situations where they are somehow wedged between rival factions and interventions. They become refugees unexpectedly.
The cost of conflict is unthinkable: millions of lives. Millions of others who survive don’t know what the next day will bring, migrating anywhere away from conflict. Refugees from Syria in particular have recently been squeezed quite literally to the margins of their beloved home, if not out of it entirely.

Syrian Refugees in Need

The Syrian refugee crisis has become an exclamation point in the Middle East, because the world has recently watched a day-after-day exodus. More than half the country is displaced. According to UNHCR’s 2018 report, 6.1 million Syrians packed their possessions and fled—and over 2.4 million of them are children.
One of these children is little Hassan, who was one of the only family members to survive a bombing that destroyed his family home. Pulled from the rubble of his own house, he now faces the responsibility of navigating life on his own as an orphan. Hassan received immediate medical aid from an IRUSA-supported hospital, which salvaged his badly injured legs. His story is like so many others.
Recently, winter storms in Lebanon crushed the already fragile encampments Syrian refugees were dwelling in. In many camps the waters rose above 4 feet. Children were seen using discarded boards as rafts. Thousands have fled the Lebanon encampments in search of aid.

Assuming Responsibility for the Impossible

Islamic Relief USA is assuming responsibility for the welfare of refugees across the Middle East.  We’re working with partners who’ve also committed themselves to saving the lives of individuals like Hassan in places such as Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, and Yemen. Refugees internally displaced and across the Middle East continue to need critical aid. A gift of food, water, and medical supplies can mean the difference between life and death. In Lebanon we are already deliery life-saving aid to Syrians fleeing the recent winter storms. Despite a generation being displaced, with your help we can still find them, wherever they are, and provide resources. Your aid is their relief.