Affirming the Power of Interfaith Partnership

Islamic Relief USA’s five core values—excellence, sincerity, social justice, compassion, and custodianship— are not exclusive to the Islamic faith alone, but are humanitarian values shared by many.

These shared values make interfaith partnerships a natural extension of our humanitarian work. Relationships with leaders of other faiths, as well as with other faith-based organizations, increase our impact and capacity for good in the world.

After all, “working together” for a better world is all about partnership.

Recent Interfaith Collaboration

One recent example of this partnership were remarks made by IRUSA President Anwar Khan and May Hashem as the Fifth Annual Symposium on the Role of Religion and Faith-Based Organizations in International Affairs, held on January 29 at the United Nations Secretariat in New York.

At the symposium, Mr. Khan shared with colleagues that Islamic Relief formally adopted a rights-based framework in 2010. He also emphasized that “when faith-based organizations begin talking together and are working together, it becomes easier for them to go through the United Nations” as one, convening voice for a better world.

Mr. Khan has long been a champion of interfaith conversation, and recently came together with Rod Radtke, CEO and President of Episcopal Relief, to publish a joint article in Newsweek that took a strong position for the need to actively advocate for decreased violence against women.

IRUSA’s Silver Anniversary Program

Another exciting initiative related to interfaith and bridge-building efforts is Islamic Relief USA’s Silver Anniversary Community Bridge-Building program, announced within the past year. This initiative bridges the differences that frequently divide communities–such as religion, race, or political opinion. The announcement generated 175 formal inquiries from organizations working in 36 states and Puerto Rico, demonstrating that people all across America are interested in finding common bonds and committing to a common mission for the sake of their communities.

“The tremendous response from grassroots, community-based, and national organizations shows that people, who on the surface have little in common, can come together to make the world a better place—a place where there’s more unity, more sensitivity, and an endless amount of potential and promise,” said Anne Wilson, director of programs for IRUSA.

Continued Partners: HIAS, Catholic Relief Services, and more

Did you know that Islamic Relief USA has a proud history of collaborating with many faith-based organizations who also work in the humanitarian sector, with a similar goal of alleviating poverty? We’re proud to continue to work with the Jewish non-profit HIAS, Catholic Relief Services, Episcopal Relief, the Church of Latter Day Saints, the American Red Cross, and more in programs spanning from Hurricane Harvey recovery to Yemen famine relief.

So when you join Islamic Relief USA as a donor or volunteer, rest assured that you are joining a worldwide, interfaith network of humanitarians who are proud to work together for a better world.