7 Smart Ways to Prepare for Ramadan

Each Ramadan, the spirituality of the season awakens something within all of us.

We all have our own personal, spiritual goals for the holy month. Regardless of what your goals may be, here are seven surefire ways to prepare for the holy and blessed month of Ramadan.

#1 Create your goals.

You should create goals that will feed your spirituality and allow you to truly feel that you made the most of your Ramadan. You can write those goals down or make mental notes of them, and keep referring back to them throughout the month.

#2 Make a commitment to volunteer or give back.

Volunteering your time to an important cause is a special form of charity. When you provide your time and special resources, you help organizations fulfill their goals and work to better the world.

#3 Perfect your kindness.

Ramadan is a time for us to rid our souls of the toxic practices that can often consume our spirits, like backbiting. Kindness and empathy go hand in hand, and practicing kindness is a way to perfect both. When we aim to empathize and not instinctively lash out, we rid ourselves of any unnecessary anger and toxic behaviors that do nothing but strain our souls at the end of the day.

#4 Make a commitment to take a time out of your day for something spiritual.

Ramadan is the most spiritual and blessed time of year for Muslims. We should all strive to treat ourselves to some spiritual R&R. If you are able, make a plan to take a chunk of time out of your day for spiritual practice during the month of Ramadan. This can be your time to read the Qur’an, listen to an Islamic podcast, or make sincere dua’a.

#5 Ease yourself away from foods and drinks that are difficult to give up.

Some people like to practice intermittent fasting to ease their bodies into fasting for the entire day. If you’re a coffee addict, wean yourself away from coffee by switching to tea or something lighter so you can avoid those pesky caffeine headaches.

#6 Prepare a menu for the month.

Nothing is worse than being hungry, tired, and unsure of what to cook. If possible, decide on all the yummy recipes you want to use during the month, buy as many ingredients as early as you can, and have your menu ready to go.

#7 Speaking of food, remember your brothers and sisters living with hunger.

Many Muslims around the world want to participate in the joy and festivities of Ramadan, but are unable to do so because hunger is their everyday reality. When you donate a Ramadan food package today, the Islamic Relief global family will work to get those food packages to those around the world. For a small donation, you can help a family in need keep their plates and spirits full during the Ramadan season.

Whatever your goals may be for the month of Ramadan, we hope you have a truly blessed and meaningful month, insha’Allah.