Rabaa is a widow with eight children in Gaza.

Her husband was killed during the 2014 conflict when he went to check on the family farm. For one month afterward, their youngest son — then 5 years old — didn’t speak to anyone. When he started speaking again, he would only talk about his father.

After the trauma comes the practical worries. How will the family survive? They lived on his income as an electrician, and it was hard enough to get by even then. Now Rabaa was on her own with eight children and no job.

“Feeding and raising eight children is a big responsibility,” she said. “Often I can’t sleep at night because I’m worried about their future.”

She wasn’t completely alone though, alhamdulillah. Caring IRUSA donors looked out for her. Three of her children enrolled in a joint IRUSA project implemented by UNRWA, which provided monthly financial support for orphans along with psychosocial care, recreational activities, and vocational training for older orphans. (That was Phase 1 of the Palestine orphan support program, which is now expanding to Phase 2.)

This program helped Rabaa make ends meet for her entire family. And one of her children took vocational training classes, offering hope for the future.

“Thanks IRUSA for considering Palestine refugee orphans,” Rabaa said. “It’s very important to provide them with a dignified life.”