10 Ways to Make the Most of Ramadan’s Last 10 Days

With the last ten days of Ramadan upon us, the most spiritual time of the holy month is a time for immense reflection and spirituality.

Here are 10 ways you can make the most of the last 10 days of Ramadan:

#1: Read to Feed Your Soul

If you’re focusing on reading the Holy Qur’an this month, you might also consider reading a book by a Muslim author that helps feed your spirituality and knowledge.

#2: Make Sincere Du’a

Du’a is one of the most beautiful and blessed components of the Islamic faith. Sit down in a room, set up a serene and comfortable space for yourself, and make du’a that truly comes from your heart. This is a way for you to feel even more in touch with your spirituality and your Creator. Making du’a the last ten days of Ramadan is especially special.

#3: Spend Time with Those You Love Most

Nothing says Ramadan like family and loved ones. Celebrate the gift of the people you love and  are blessed with, and give them the gift of your time and attention. You can even participate in the spirituality of the last ten days together, whether it’s joining your cousins at taraweeh prayer, praying with your parents, or hosting a halaqa with your friends.

#4: Tend to Your Spiritually Creative Side

If you have an inner creative just yearning to come out, consider taking up a hobby the last ten days that feeds that spiritually creative side. Some ideas could be to dabble in Islamic calligraphy or write a spiritual blog post.

#5: Volunteer Your Time

Volunteering is a free and powerful way to give back to your community. Choose an activity that you could see yourself feeling passionate about, and volunteer your time the last ten days. Special tip: Islamic Relief USA has terrific volunteer opportunities around the country.

#6: Give Back

Ramadan is a time when Muslims come together and give back to those in need around the globe. There are ample ways you can lend a helping hand to your sisters and brothers in need, including monetary, clothing, and food donations.

#7: Reflect, Reflect, Reflect

Ah, reflection. There is a special reflection that comes with Ramadan, and the last ten days make that special reflection even greater. Perhaps it’s the awareness that the blessed month of Ramadan is nearing its close, or maybe it’s the natural elatedness that comes with being united as an ummah. Whatever it may be, soak your reflection up before the month passes.

#8: Read an Islamic Story You’re Not Familiar With

Who doesn’t love a good story? Our religion is filled with an endless supply of them. Sometimes the stories that inspire us most are the ones we get to experience for the first time—the ones that tell us what our hearts have been needing to hear. Make a plan to read a story or stories that you feel could feed your heart.

#9: Practice Makes Perfect

In Ramadan, we seek to practice many things, like patience and empathy. Lift that practice up the last ten days by aiming to perfect the practice.

#10: Express Gratitude

Alhamdulillah, there are many things to be grateful for. Sometimes, just taking a moment to sit with that gratitude is all we need to soothe our souls. Go a step beyond feeling, and share that gratitude. If you’re grateful for someone, tell them. If you’re grateful for your blessings, share them.